My dad brought a box of my old CDs round earlier today, most of which I’d forgotten I owned, and it’s got me thinking about some brilliant albums I’ve not listened to in about five or six years. Print it out and keep it for reference, below you will find the greatest albums ever written:

Bowling for Soup – Drunk Enough To Dance

Full of absolute classics like ‘Self-Centered’ and ‘Surf Colorado’, not to mention the fantastic ‘Girl All The Bad Guys Want’, this masterpiece really ought to be in everyone’s collection of shitty pop-punk. My friend once saw the fat guy from Bowling for Soup walking past the Leadmill in Sheffield. True Story.

She likes the Godsmack and I like Agent Orange,
Her CD changer’s full of singers that are mad at their dad,
She said she’d like to score some reefer and a 40,
She’ll never know that I’m best that she’ll never have

I rest my case.

Reel Big Fish – Why Do They Rock So Hard?

Yep, That Band What Covered ‘Take On Me’™. That song isn’t on this album, but it doesn’t stop it being seminal in the Ska/Pop-Punk scene. It’s also worth noting that the guitar sound on this album is fucking majestic*. I cannot confirm if there is a fat guy in Reel Big Fish, or if a friend of mine saw him (if he exists) outside the Leadmill.

She used to be my girl, but now she’s famous. (She’s famous now)
She used to be my girl, but now she’s famous. (She’s famous now)
She was just so sweet, but now they’re fallin’ at her feet.
She used to be my girl, but now she’s-

KoRn – KoRn

Ah, an album from those magical days where guitarists needed 7 strings and had to be tune down several thousands steps. This was the KoRn album for people who didn’t want to like them because they were slightly popular, hence why I own it, I was awesome back then. And yes, it’s very important to spell KoRn with the capital ‘R’ to represent the backwards ‘R’, HOW ELSE WOULD WE KNOW!?

This place inside my mind, a place I like to hide
You don’t know the chances. What if I should die?!
A place inside my brain, another kind of pain
You don’t know the chances. I’m so blind!

Poetic, I’m sure you’ll agree.

The Offspring – Conspiracy of One

Critics may say that Offspring were a mere shadow of their former selves by this point, but they would be wrong. The Offspring of old is still very much apparent in the moving ‘Want You Bad’ and the powerful ‘Denial, Revisited’, you just need to read between the lines a bit**. Also, the most punk thing you can do is have Redman appear on the album’s first single.

Get out of clothes time
Grow out those highlights
Come around now can’t you see

I want you
In a vinyl suit
I want you bad

I’m sure you’ll all agree that the above list does nothing if it doesn’t prove how good my taste in music was/is. Also, having looked through the CDs I found a copy of Resident Evil: Nemesis. Brilliant.

* Seriously, it’s amazing.

** Assuming that someone has written the lyrics to a song from Smash inbetween the lines.

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