I was thinking of playing my guitar earlier today and it got me thinking about writing an entry about the band I used to play in a good few years back, but unfortunately work has been hectic in the last few hours so I haven’t had chance. Yes, it’s still early – by my standards at least – but I’m only taking a quick break and I don’t expect it to quieten down just yet.

I might start writing it tonight and hopefully I’ll post it tomorrow but no promises, I’m quite grumpy due to a customer of the highest cuntitude*.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with a (bad**) picture of my sweet, lovely guitar that I have neglected very much over the past few years. Forgive me, my beauty.

* Fuck off, it’s a word.

** Made much worse by the horrific carpet we haven’t got round to changing in the last 18 months. IGNORE IT!

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