So eighteen days holiday comes to an end, and what have I achieved? Very little, to be honest. Off the top of my head, all I can really remember doing is painting the radiator in the dining room, which we painted 11 months ago. Oh dear, not exactly what I had planned.

I don’t feel too disappointed though; I got that horrible sinking feeling earlier when I realised I’d have to go back tomorrow, but it quickly disappeared when I realised I didn’t have to brave the recent crappy weather to get there, and my mornings aren’t likely to change all that much. It’s not all doom and gloom, I’ve been bored plenty of times in the last week.

I’d like to think that losing my evenings to work will mean I’ll use my mornings a little more wisely now anyway, even if ‘wisely’ means finishing a game I’ve been meaning to; I occasionally find it disorientating having all day to do something, and tend to either do it early and end up bored later on, or leave it all day and end up stressed.

I suspect it will have a positive effect on the blog anyway, since I’ll need to engage my brain a little more. It couldn’t get any worse. Anyway, I’m going to wrap this up and post a link that Graham Linehan posted on Twitter a while back that had quite an effect on me.

My name is Jesse (online name Danny Bishop). I myself was shot–in the chest–on November 27th, 1994, at point-blank range with a .22″ magnum revolver.

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