I generally don’t like being wrong, but as I said in my first thoughts post, I really wanted Bayonetta to prove me wrong, and it did – oh God, it did. I wrote my first thoughts eight days ago, and after a few days of not playing on it, I considered sending it back and renting it another time. I didn’t. Obviously. The amount of praise it had received made me stick with it and I decided I’d force myself to play through it, luckily, about 2 hours in I didn’t want to turn it off.

Watching someone play Bayonetta is a horrible experience (unless you’ve played it before) and the demo felt a little bit like that to me, I think “confused and underwhelmed” was how I described it previously; once I’d adjusted to the controls, however, the confusion had gone – I was far too busy hammering every button I could find as quick as I could – and underwhelmed very quickly fell by the wayside – there was far too much happening to be bored. The controls are brilliantly simple, but have a crazy amount of depth if you’re so inclined, I probably spent a third of the game doing one particularly satisfying combo, and that’s the beauty of it, the combat system is one of the most satisfying systems I have ever used in a game.

It was after playing for a little while that I realised how much fun the combat system was, and it was about 2 minutes later that one of the eight million* bosses popped up and blew my mind. It’s been a long time since I played a game that had an old-school ‘boss fight’ in it and I don’t think I realised how much I’d missed it – one of the most rewarding things I used to find in games used to be learning a bosses attacks, how to avoid them, and then finding out how to fight back. Guess what? Yeah. Bayonetta does it a lot. Perfectly.

And that’s just it, almost everything this game does, it does it perfectly. There are lots of games I’ve enjoyed over my many years of gaming, but there are very few that I would recommend 100% to anyone; Half-Life 2 is one of my favourite games, but there are plenty of people who I don’t think would enjoy it, so I wouldn’t recommend it. Obviously, they’re idiots, but Bayonetta has genuinely had such a big effect on me that I would recommend anyone play it. So if you haven’t already, do it. NOW.

Also, I think it’s definitely worth noting that it took me over 21 hours to finish, which is probably twice as long as the last Call of Duty game I played. A quick calculation using Ash Maths™: (2x longer + 10x more interesting ) + 50x more fun = One Billion Times Better. There are no flaws in that arguement.

* I suspect it’s more than eight million, I wasn’t counting

I would like to have written a little more tonight, but I stupidly decided to play a game of poker and, not so stupidly, ended up doing really well, so I was far too distracted to write anything. My bad.

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  1. Bayonetta annoyed the hell out of me, it was just too confusing a storyline. Granted, I only watched it being played, but I sometime prefer to do that and this just didn’t cut it for me. Silent Hill and Bioshock on the other hand, are great to watch.

    1. Normally I can’t stand games that don’t have a story to rival the gameplay, but Bayonetta was one of the very few exceptions.

      I could watch someone play Enslaved based on the story alone, it’s superb.

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