Rather unexpectedly, we ordered a PS3 today. I have literally no idea why my girlfriend was browsing through the offers on Play.com, but she happened across a pretty incredible deal so we snapped it up. We’re both still slightly skeptical about it actually arriving, but stock shouldn’t be an issue because a) items are removed from PlayTrade once the amount specified by the seller is reached, and b) it’s currently displayed as ‘packing’.

I got me thinking, or more specifically, searching Lovefilm, for games I’m yet to play because they aren’t available on Xbox or PC. So, y’know, here they are:

1) Heavy Rain

I was a massive fan of Fahrenheit way back when, so I was excited about this game despite it not appearing on a platform I owned. It looks fantastic, and the brief go I had on it back at the Eurogamer Expo just before its release was really fun, or as much fun as it could be with about fifteen people watching and silently judging you.

2) Uncharted 2

If it wasn’t for my common sense kicking in (read: my girlfriend not letting me), I would’ve bought a PS3 for this game alone when it came out. Again, it looks absolutely stunning, and you get the sense that a game has something going for it when all you ever read about it is how super-mega-fantastic it is, and how once you’ve played it life is dull and empty. Or something.

3) Killzone 2

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m not normally a huge fan of first person shooters. I like them, but since they cover 99.999% of games released these days I tend to approach them cautiously. Usually rightly so as well, you can only innovate so much while keeping a game fun, so it takes something very special to really grab me. Killzone is one of the games that’s managed to get my curiosity up. I’m not exactly expecting Half-Life 2, mind, it just looks nice and fun.

4) Metal Gear Solid 4

The fact that I’m yet to play this game pains me. I went absolutely mental for the first two games back when they were released, so it was horrible to now be able to play this, the fact that it came out so long ago just makes it worse.

Of course, there are other games as well; Little Big Planet intrigues me (though I suspect I wouldn’t play it much), and Gran Turismo 5 looks beautiful. Also, the fact that Uncharted 3 is in development and Killzone 3 is due out later this month is just an added bonus.

Basically, I’m a bit excited. We didn’t order it from Gamestation either, so it might actually arrive!

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