I used to be a huge Formula 1 fan, back in the day when Michael Schumacher and Jacques Villeneuve were fighting for the title. I can’t honestly remember when it was that I lost interest, but it just happened, like flicking a switch; one minute I watched it regularly, the next I wasn’t interested.

I’m actually looking forward to the upcoming season though; I’ve been playing a fair bit of F1 2010 with a few friends, and between the game itself and having a few discussions about it – often involving a lot of reminiscing – it’s reminded me what it was I used to enjoy about the sport.

I used to be a Schumacher fan – mainly down to my friend being a big fan already – but I feel like I need a new allegiance in order to enjoy it again – there’s nothing more dull than watching a sport when you have no interest in who wins. Ideally, I’d like to watch the first race with a few friends and see how it goes, but my mind could get made up beforehand while reading the news in the build up to the first race; I have nothing but sympathy for Robert Kubica at the moment given the incident today, but he’s not likely to be driving a Formula 1 car anytime soon – or possible ever again, depending on how his surgery goes – so he’s not a likely option.

I can’t really bring myself to support either of the British McLaren drivers and I’m not really sure why, I just don’t like them; Lewis Hamilton strikes me as a bit of an arrogant prick, and Jenson Button just seems so…dull. There is another British driver making an appearance – Paul di Resta – but I know precisely fuck all about him so I feel a bit indifferent at the moment. I suspect the lovely unbiased opinions of my friends will sway me once the season has got underway.

Now I just need someone to hold my hand through the hundreds of thousands of rule changes that have occurred since I last watched it. I read up on qualifying the other day, so that’s a start, right? This should be fun…

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