Between crappy drunk sleep, coding like a motherfucker, and playing on Red Dead Redemption, I’ve exhausted myself to the point of being completely bereft of ideas. I feel quite good about the amount of work I’ve got done today, especially given how tired I’ve felt most of the day – you know those days where you’re not really hungover, but you can’t shake that exhausted feeling? I’ve got plenty of that going on.

I received an email earlier which reminded me of my Gaming and Film shame posts; I’ve made absolutely zero progress on either, though that will changing shortly, thankfully. I posted Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood yesterday afternoon and, Lovefilm being the speedy bastards they are, have already posted a copy of Bayonetta out to me, so I’m looking forward to getting stuck into that at some point next week.

Unfortunately, there’s no good reason for me not getting anywhere with the film list, but now that I’ve had a reminder I’ll hopefully get at least one of them watched soon. I may watch Inception tonight if my girlfriend is determined to watch more Buffy, it’s long overdue.

I’m going to lie down and stare into space now, that should just about max out my brain capacity for the evening.

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