I spent the best part of three hours this morning making this:

Look like this:

I’m still not 100% happy with it, but it’s certainly an improvement. It probably shouldn’t have taken me three hours, either, but, despite the fact that I actually enjoy coding websites most of the time, I absolutely despise coding web forms – no matter how comfortable I am with CSS and the HTML I’m styling, it always ends up being trial and error, closely followed by, “oh, fuck it, that’ll do”.

Regardless, I’m happy it got done; it put me in the mood for more playing around, and I finally finished a small tutorial I’d been wanting to do. It was much, much shorter than I thought, but finishing it was huge step forward for me lately, and it did remind me why I enjoy design so much. It’s a very basic effect, and that’s exactly why I like it – removing that short animation wouldn’t ruin the design, it just makes me look nicer. The navigation on Soh Tanaka’s website has a similar sort of effect; it’s very simple, and – like the tutorial I finished earlier – it wouldn’t even appear without Javascript or on touch-screen device, but it’s a small detail that adds personality to an already gorgeous design.

These are exactly the sort of details I never actually include in my own sites, and it’s mostly because my knowledge of jQuery and Javascript is very limited (I understand it, but I struggle to write it), so I’m determined to read the book I said I’d read about six months ago, and read more of these really basic guides that keep what little knowledge I do have from escaping, hopefully then I can build a website for myself that I won’t want to redesign before I’ve even finished it. If nothing else, it’s made me feel a little inspired again, which is never a bad thing.

Anyway, this entry has managed to successfully stop me looking out the window every five seconds and the package I’ve been waiting for has arrived, so I’m going to dance around it like a small, giddy child until my girlfriend gets home and hopefully lets me open it.

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