I know I’ve ranted about this before, but after taking a day off from being blinded by rage I’ve checked today and seen that not much has changed. After five days of waiting for a response, Gamestation replied and told us that we would receive a refund for the £24.90 they had overcharged me…and ignored the query I had regarding another order.

The refund was actually the one I was most concerned about – if they had decided that they didn’t want to issue a refund and insisted on charging me £24.99 for a game that’s priced £9.99 elsewhere, or £5.99 delivered on their own site, I would have had to dispute the charge with my credit card company, and that seems like a lot of effort, even for £24.90. The fact that they seem to think adding £19 to the price for the convenience of not waiting for the postman is an entirely separate, and laughable, issue.

Still, after five days of waiting, we finally get a reply saying we will be refunded – progress! Sort of. I contacted them via Twitter again to explain that they’ve only answered half my query, but get no reply, I still haven’t two days later. This is what confuses me most; There was most likely a computer error in my previous query, but the other order has just sat there waiting to be shipped since the 19th.

The order is a pre-owned Xbox steering wheel, the official one that has been discontinued for some time now, and has a pretty sizable markup on eBay, so at £45.50 we snapped it up. It says a lot about our level of cynicism that we never expected to receive the item despite successfully placing an order and having the money taken, but it says a great deal more about Gamestation’s incompetence that a week later, after querying the order with them many, many times via Twitter, I still don’t know what’s happening with it. I suspect they don’t either, even if it is just a case of checking if there’s any stock available.

My girlfriend took a look at their website to check delivery information too…

The above image is taken from the help section of their website, along with this one:

Neither of the orders that we placed ended in ‘/1’, ‘/2’, or ‘/P’, but one was a digital download, so it doesn’t need ‘delivery lead times’. The steering wheel did end in ‘1’, though, so it’s either included in the ‘Immediate’ category above, or that information means absolutely nothing. That’s helpful, isn’t it? Maybe I should ask someone from support…

If this was an item that I could just get elsewhere, even for a slightly higher price, I would, but it isn’t, so I’m not going to cut off my nose to spite my face and cancel it. I realised a few days ago that this is exactly what I did a while back when I last ordered something on their website; after placing the and being told it would be shipped within a few days, I received no updates on it until I contacted them, where a member of support lied to me and said it would be shipped that day. We eventually bought it elsewhere – cheaper – and when they did ship it, three weeks (!) later, we took it back to a store and got a refund.

It’s the delay I can’t stand. I’ve worked in customer service for a long time – one of the reasons I find this so frustrating – and I still can’t think of any reason why it takes over a week to sort this. Christ, even Zavvi cancelled an order I placed with them within a few hours when they fucked up the pricing on their site, and if Zavvi are making you look bad, you’re in real fucking trouble.

Apologies if you read my previous post on this and I’ve repeated myself a bit – or a lot, I can’t be bothered to check what I wrote before.

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  1. An interesting read.

    I’ve always found the customer service in Gamestation *stores* excellent. Friendly staff, they know their stuff, and they’ve even helped me save a few quid along the way. Which is why I had no hesitation to shopping with them online this week.

    I now share your pain.

    The ordered item was showing in stock (and still in stock for the rest of the day) so I ordered on Tuesday morning (after the massive hassle of having to re-register our details due to various database error messages from their web server when trying to log in – that should have raised enough alarm bells and I should have walked away then). I chased them on Wednesday (was showing unshipped) and was promised it would be shipped today.

    Guess what? Oh noes – you guessed. Still showing as unshipped.

    So I’ve no idea if they really have the item or not, but I do know that they’ve already taken my money. And at the moment (i.e. when I’ve got home from work to sort it out again) they’ve all gone home and I’m left in limbo.

    I’m going to have another try to get some sense tomorrow but based on your experience, and my gut feeling, I may be in for a long haul….

  2. I know it’s been a little while since this post but I have a problem with the digital download service!

    I placed an order at 19:00 last night for a download copy of Mass Effect 2 for PC. It is now 14:00 the following day and I haven’t had my link to download yet – it simply shows ‘unshipped’ on the order status!

    How long did it take for you to get your link from placing the order?

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