Apologies in advance for the pathetic moaning nature of this entry, I’m in a vile mood and despite my original intentions of just writing a short entry as a quick fix, I started writing, so I’ve decided to finish it.

I made an order from Gamestation three days ago that would apparently be with us ‘within two business days’. It’s yet to be shipped. This is fairly common practice for Gamestation (i.e. incompetence), but I fully expect an email saying that it’s out of stock at some point, despite their new (offensively bad) website saying it was in stock at the time and them having already taken the money. It’s a pre-owned Xbox 360 Steering Wheel that has now been discontinued, so it tends to be marked up to an obscene amount (starting at £160 on PlayTrade), and Gamestation had it at £45.50. I suppose it’s my own fault for getting my hopes a little though.

I also another order yesterday for a digital download on their website, it was a game that I’d probably never play, but my girlfriend probably would, plus it only 9 pence (yes, £0.09). Of course, I forgot to factor in the fact that I was ordering it from Gamestation and I was charged an astonishing £24.99 according to the email that was sent after – the game in question is £9.99 on Steam as a digital download, and it’s still £5.99 delivered on their own website, so I actually think £25 is more unreasonable than 9p. I checked afterwards, and it was still there: ‘£0.09’. I took a screenshot in preparation for the inevitable ‘we don’t know what you’re talking about’ crap that will probably be forthcoming when I eventually get a response from them, but I’ve noticed the following note on the gane’s description:

Unfortunately the 9p download promotion on this title has expired. Over 200 lucky people got here in time to take advantage of the offer, we’re sorry you didn’t make it, but make sure you check back on site regularly for more fantastic offers!!

My first thoughts? Bollocks. Clearly someone screwed up with the fancy (ha!) new website and since the item is a digital download, you can’t cancel the orders – I still have the download link and serial for my purchase that I haven’t touched. What’s a retailer to do? Ah, we’ll say it was a limited promotion and change the price back. Perfect.

The live chat service is live but without operators, and the phone line costs 10p a minute. Great. I got a response after sending three messages to their Twitter account, thankfully, but I’m still yet to hear anything back. I guess we’ll see what happens tomorrow. Or the day after. Or the day after that. Who knows really!

It’s strange that the thing that while there is undoubtedly been human error at some point during the process, the fact that their newly launched website has crashed or broken at least once every time I’ve visited it over the past few days has annoyed me much more than anything else. It’s great that they’re trying to develop an improved service, but if you’re a retailer as big as Gamestation is, you’ve got absolutely no excuse not to test the fuck out of it, and they clearly haven’t. Also, it’s fuck ugly.

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