I never really knew what I wanted to do for a living when I was younger. I remember really wanting to be a computer programmer when I was really young, though I’m not really sure why. Other than that I didn’t really have a plan – I still don’t now, really. I have a decent job now, sure, but I can’t see myself doing it forever.

In recent years I’ve found myself wanting to do something creative, which, as a perfectionist who hates everything he does, is somewhat…well, stupid. So because it’s very interesting and definitely not because it’s an easy way to write another entry, I’ve written about some jobs I would love to do, in no particular order.


My friend moved to Leeds a few years ago to study, and as part of his course he was required to make a short film. I can’t remember any of the specifics of the story now, but there was no dialogue (that I recall), and the plot revolved around someone killing his housemates. Maybe. I don’t recall us driving up specifically to help, but I remember being really excited about being involved, even if my role was essentially holding a broom handle with a microphone on the end.

There’s something about the ‘trickery’ of film-making that really excites me; we filmed one of our friends in the living room of their shared house walking into the cupboard under the stairs, before filming the next shot in the cellar of another house, watching him walk down the steps and kill his ‘housemate’. Or, as a much more impressive example of film’trickery’, the fact that the last few shots of this clip is made entirely from miniatures:


Me and the same friend have always discussed ideas for short films we’d like to make that got written to various points but never materialised. I still have an idea for a short film that I refuse to forget about until it gets made, although actually writing it would no doubt help, since the idea exists entirely in my head at this point, and has done for the last five or six years.

Of course, if I was driven and organised enough to make a short film I probably would have already.

Web designer

On a slightly less ambitious front, becoming a web-designer full-time would be lovely. As I’ve touched on briefly before, I love design, and I’ve built several websites before – Diamonds & Pearls being a particular source of pride for me – but I still don’t really seem capable of building a decent enough portfolio, hence my website stating it’ll be ‘Coming soon’ for the last three or four years.

The job should suit me to the ground in theory; Creating an interesting design from scratch to exercise some creativity, and coding the site using some logical thought. And it does to a degree, but keeping up-to-date on the latest technologies and/or building a site is pretty much a full-time job itself, doing a full-time job alongside it is hard work. But then that’s why I decided that this would be a resolution for this year; Work harder would have summed it up much more succinctly.

This entry was originally intended to contain a little bit of humour and a hell of a lot more jobs, but work has again managed to distract me, so I’m going to cut it short. I’m hoping to have a better idea for an entry tomorrow, like a list of my favourite shoes or some other shit.

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