There are many, many films that I haven’t seen. MANY. In fact, there are probably thousands more films that I don’t want to see than there are films that I do, but there are still lots that I feel, at almost 27 years old, I should have seen, especially when you consider how many times I’ve seen The Shawshank Redemption – roughly 8 million at last count.

Consider this an extension of my New Year’s Resolutions, in that I will watch all of these before the year is over:

I bought Schindler’s List on DVD about 4 years ago, and I’m not even sure I’ve taken it out of the plastic wrapper yet. Knowing what this is about has probably gone a long way to to stop me watching it, especially since I often suggest we watch a film while eating or to wind down at the end of a day. I normally want to watch something funny or familiar, Schindler’s List is neither of these.

If I’ve seen The Godfather, I genuinely can’t remember a single thing about it, besides the stuff that has somehow become a part of a popular culture. It would be nice to see Marlon Brando in something and remember it, apparently he was quite good.

We recorded One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest a little while back when it was on TV, but it was during one of those (very frequent) periods when our V+ box decided it didn’t want to receive a signal properly, and it was unwatchable. I like Jack Nicholson, especially his earlier stuff, so I have absolutely no idea why I haven’t managed to watch this yet. I blame Virgin Media, the utter bastards.

I’ve been reading Simon Pegg’s ‘Nerd Do Well’ recently, and having mentioned 2001: A Space Odyssey a few times, he’s inadvertently reminded me that I need to sort myself out and actually get around to watching it. Another film I know nothing about other than the popular culture stuff (what little there is), but that I’ve always wanted to see.

I started watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind a little while back, but as is often the case when I watch a film on my own during the day, I got distracted by the stupid internet. Being a sci-fi loving, alien-obsessed child, I’ve always thought I’d love this film – as long as I was aware of it anyway – but I still have no recollection of watching it.

And finally – because I’ve just opened the IMDB Top 250 list and it was an eye-opening experience full of films I should have seen – I will watch the following films that I know I have seen, but can’t really remember: Goodfellas, Taxi Driver, and Blade Runner (which is waiting on the aforementioned V+ box).

For someone who has a Cineworld unlimited card and claims to love films, I am the shittest film fan ever. I can’t even recall if I’ve watched a film at all this year so far, apart from Wall-E – I could barely move from New Year hangover when that was on. Anyway, expect my thoughts on those later. You lucky, lucky people.

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  1. I’m crap at remembering to see films. I signed up for a LoveFilm trial subscription on my PS3 though, so I’m hoping that will help me to catch up on some things that I really should see, but haven’t. So far I’ve watched Team America: World Police, which I was assured was amusing (and was) and Dirty Harry (which was also very entertaining, and refreshing to see a villain who was just a villain without the film needing to batter us over the head with WHY he was a bad guy).

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